Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Andrew's Perspective

I've realized something last night......Andrew takes his diabetes in better stride than I do.

We were enjoying a family bike ride and having such a fun time being together.  As we came to a cul-de-sac, the kids started requesting that we have some popcorn and diet hot chocolate when we got home.

I proceeded to tell Andrew that I was ok with it as long as he was ok with getting an extra shot.  His response floored me.

"Mom, I don't mind getting an extra shot.  Since I have diabetes, that's just what I have to do."


As we were riding home, I kept thinking about his comment.  Is it really that simple to him?  At this point, I believe that it really is.  He knows what he needs to do to manage his diabetes.

Diabetes is teaching him a HUGE lesson in life.  He's learning that sometimes we have to do things that we're not always happy about.

For now, I just want him to enjoy being a kid.  I'm glad to take the load on my back to let that happen.

My perspective......Andrew is going to grow up a healthy and strong person ready to conquer anything, including type 1 diabetes!


  1. Without a doubt... he'll grow up to be a strong and capable Adult With Diabetes. Because of what you do as a superhero D-Mom! I know that I've been able to grow up and manage and stay on top of things in large part because of what my parents instilled in me. So, thank you for what you're doing!

  2. Loved this post. It spoke to my situation with Joe. I can totally relate to it bothering me more than it does Joe...xo

  3. Umm....I could learn a lesson from Andrew, too.

    You are blessed with a good boy. : )

  4. oh man, thanks for sharing his perspective! fantastic!