Thursday, August 18, 2011


I am so frustrated beyond words!

Last week, our endo. had Andrew eat the same breakfast for 5 days to see if his lunch lows were due to insulin fluctuation or food choices.  It turns out that it's not the food causing the lows.

Some days he'd spike over 200 and like today only 99 one hour after breakfast.

This morning he ate around 9:20 (1 cup Rice Chex, 1-1/2 cup milk, scrambled eggs with cheese).  I dosed him 2 units of Novolog.  We actually reduced it this morning from 2.5 units.  Thank you God!

I didn't hear my buzzer, so I tested him at 10:47.  He was only 99.  This is usually when he spikes.

I was downstairs cleaning and I noticed that Andrew was getting snippy and cranky so I asked him to test.  He came running downstairs with the meter saying, "You're gonna wanna see this!"

38.  What??????

We went upstairs, rewashed his hands and retested.  Now....49.  Better, but it's still low.  I gave him 1/2 Smartie's packet and sent him on his way to play.

This all happened in 2-1/2 hours!!!!!!

Yesterday, I was speaking with the nutritionist and she stated that we might want to switch to a pump because we can better control the spike after breakfast.  The problem is, he doesn't need one right now.  He's not even on long acting insulin yet.

I'm at such a loss.  The nutritionist also stated that we're walking on dangerous ground since with every low, your body releases some of its glucogen stores from the liver.  Andrew has had 11 straight days now with lows at lunch ranging from 40's to 60's.

Just a day in Andrew's life with diabetes.  SCREAM!!!!!!


  1. You are now entering the phase of T1 diabetes we all know and hate. Drops for no reason, spikes out of nowhere and numbers on the meter that make your heart free fall. A pump would/does help with corrections, and you absolutely can use a pump with a basal set at 0%, but it will not prevent the rollar coaster rides.

    Scream. Through a fit. Anything that 'works' now will not work later. It's the rules of teh no rule follower.

    Sorry sweetie. Just know you are NOT alone!!!!

    And, thank you for checking in on me our first day. Homeschool went smashingly and I am a happy Mama. A tired one, but happy ;).

    I PROMISE I will respond to emails soon.

  2. Oh Nikki! I don't blame your frustration one bit. That would simply drive me bonkers!!! are a good mom! Clearly your steps are being ordered by the Lord and He is watching over you and Andrew.

    I will faithfully keep you in my prayers and ask God to give you wisdom, Sweet Friend.