Monday, August 29, 2011

Gymnastics Fun

I've been looking for a fun activity that the kids could all participate in together.  I'm all about condensing schedules if I can.  I didn't want to go the sports team route because then I'd be running constantly for all 3 kids.

I found a great gymnastics place near our house that offers a homeschool class in the afternoon.   They have the kids do their warm ups together and then separate the boys from the girls.

They had so much fun tumbling, playing on the trampoline, hanging from the rings and meeting new friends that homeschool.

I was VERY nervous when I sent Andrew into his class because I didn't know how his blood sugars were going to react.  I was also unsure on the amount of activity they would actually be doing.  I sent him in at a comfy 133 and told him that he must come and get me if he starts to feel funny.

I also when over the whole spiel with his instructor.   I have to admit that I'm getting tired of having to explain diabetes everywhere we go.  I feel like I should get a tape recorder that I can press "play" everytime I need to explain his needs.  I told my husband that I get very frustrated because it's absolutely 100% necessary and sometimes I feel like I get a blank stare from the person I'm talking to.

The doors opened and the kids ran in, full force ahead.  They started the kids with leaping 10 times over the beam, doing hangs on the bar, running 10 times the length of the gym, and more.  My heart nearly skipped a beat because I was scared he would go low right from the beginning.

It ended up that he felt fine the whole time and the 107 after class was the icing on the cake!

I believe that gymnastics is going to benefit him both mentally and physically.  I hope it encourages him to know that he can participate in a challenging activity, even with diabetes in tow.


  1. That is wonderful! Glad to hear his BG did well during the exercise!

  2. Well heck. I just wrote a big comment on my phone. So hard for me! And I lost the comment. I think.

    Basically, good for you on the gymnastics! And I get the blank stares. So frustrating. You have to tell people about d, but the response is often dreadful.