Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hospital - Here we come

Andrew's glucose is STILL tanking 3 hours after breakfast no matter what we've done to prevent it.

I received a call from our doctor this afternoon and they want to admit him into the hospital to run a mixed meal test, since the abnormality is occurring when he eats food.  Originally, they were going to send us down tonight, but they have to get a pre-approval through our insurance first.  Depending on when the approval comes back will dictate when we go in.

There's a slight glitch because the hospital does not allow you to bring in your own food.  Because Andrew has celiac, this could cause a problem.  I want to make sure that they can safely prepare his usual breakfast foods.  I'll be sure to pack my measuring cups so he gets the exact amounts of food.  Otherwise, it would alter the test since he eats the same exact amount of carbs at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I'll definitely keep everyone posted.  Please keep Andrew in your prayers.  Please pray that the I.V. doesn't hurt too much and that we can finally get our much needed answers.  Thank you!


  1. Good luck and yes please keep us posted!!

    Hope you get some answers very soon.

  2. sending positive thoughts your way for this. and thanks for your comment on my blog. same to you! :)

  3. Hope things go well!! Lots of prayers...

  4. Oh Nikki.....I will faithfully pray for a pain-free iv and answers. I will also pray that God comforts you through the waiting. Love you!

  5. Thank you so much for the LOVE! I will keep you all updated on the results.